Visalus Scam – Separating Fact From Fiction

Visalus Scam? The MLM industry can be a difficult arena to navigate. When an opportunity sounds too juicy to pass up, many people forget to investigate the validity of a company’s claims.

Once they realize scammers have swindled them, often leaving little in the way of legal recourse, their life savings have already vanished behind a smoke screen of well-crafted lies.

The good news is that there are legitimate businesses offering reasonable and fair compensation plans to marketers who join the company’s promotional bandwagon.

Many agree one such company is Visalus Sciences. However, there is no denying that the alleged Visalus scam has caused some controversy, inciting a flood of articles and reviews online.

Thankfully, the rumor of a Visalus scam is one potential MLM scandal some thorough research can easily obliterate.


Visalus Sciences – Legitimate Company or Visalus Scam?

Based in Troy, Michigan, Visalus Sciences is a company that offers health and wellness products that promote nutrition, weight management, and improved performance. Visalus, which is derived from Latin, means life, health, and prosperity.

Thanks to its network marketing business model, the company has enjoyed significant growth since its inception and has been featured in several prominent publications including Business Week, Forbes, Time Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Like most MLM businesses, Visalus Sciences has had its fair share of criticism over the years. Many disgruntled representatives claim the company is a scam, while successful Visalus representatives readily refute these allegations.


2 Common Reasons for Visalus Scam Complaints

#1. Marketing Is Hard Word

Visalus MarketingSometimes people join network marketing opportunities expecting instant gratification. Unfortunately, six-figure sums are a little more elusive than those people hoped. However, making big money in MLM is not impossible. It just takes hard work, patience, and a ton of determination.

Former representatives of the company often believe in a Visalus scam because of their inability to move up the ranks, or take advantage of generous bonuses.

The reality is distributors need to generate a high number of qualified leads every day in order to find success. Top earners use much of their time to sponsor and recruit new members into their downline. These people generally leverage an MLM system that brands them as leaders within the industry and generates high-quality leads.

In addition, the system allows these top earners to make money even when leads decline to join their business. Without this type of system, most distributors will fail. While Visalus offers training, it is up to each marketer to make use of it.


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#2. Compensation Plan Obstacles

When comparing the Visalus opportunity to other network marketing opportunities, Visalus Sciences clearly offers a healthy compensation plan. Unfortunately, there are often complaints of snags within the system, keeping many marketers at the bottom of the ranks. Mostly, these complaints stem from a misunderstanding of the ranking and rewards system.

The company’s ranks range from associate to ambassador, each with its own bonus criteria. Some bonuses require members to maintain a certain level of sales. In addition, there are three types of distribution packages, which provide different levels of eligibility for compensation plan bonuses. As a result, it is crucial to understand the ranking and rewards systems, as well as each level’s qualifying criteria.



Visalus Scam – Reality or Just a Bad Rap?

While some multi-level marketers are adamant the Visalus opportunity is a full-blown scam, others believe the company is simply the target of unjustified criticism. Unfortunately, rumors of fraudulent behavior tend to leave no middle ground, making it the responsibility of each marketer to separate fact from fiction and decide whether a particular MLM opportunity is a scam or not.

Therefore, anyone interested in Visalus Sciences should base their opinion on whether the reasons for complaints are a true indication of a real scandal. Considering all network marketing opportunities require hard work and a large number of quality leads, Visalus Sciences appears to be a legitimate company offering a run-of-the-mill MLM opportunity.

Success simply depends on a promoter’s willingness and ability to make the most of the company’s offer.


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4 Responses to “Visalus Scam – Separating Fact From Fiction”

  1. Sandy Moore says:

    As we find MLM businesses popping up all the time, it’s reviews such as yours Tim, that keep new business networkers in the loop.

    I’ve been online now for quite a few years and I still constantly have people coming to me saying they don’t know who to trust after loosing thousands to rip off merchants.

    This is an extensive review on Visalus, a company with a good reputation who are rewarding the hard work of their representatives.

    Sandy Moore

    • Timothy says:

      Hi Sandy,
      Glad you like my review.
      Here’s an extract on the Visalus blog.

      “Just because we understand the skepticism about our company doesn’t mean we accept it. Every day we are growing bigger and stronger—lifted by the passion of the people who understand what we’re all about. This is what we decide to focus on — not the naysayers.”

      I am sure that Visalus network marketers are keeping their focus on business building rather than paying attention to the “little noise” floating around.

      And thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Abdul Waheed says:

    Great ol review on Visalus Tim, heard plenty about Visalus to know its a great opportunity for any person stepping into the MLM Arena, I know some of the top earners in it too.

    Definite recomendation.


    • Timothy says:

      HI Abdul,
      Thanks for your comment.

      Yeah, i know some top earners in Visalus are using the same marketing and lead generation strategies here too :)

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